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Shaina Falcone Fitness offers a wide variety of Pilates & Fitness classes, online and in-person, as well as private Personal Training. All programs aim to be fun, safe, and effective! My goal is to helps clients feel stronger, more energetic and improve their quality of life!

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Online Classes for Everyone

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Pilates and Core Classes

Connect to your core! In these classes we build deep core strength, strengthen postural muscles & increase our spinal mobility.

Strength Classes

Get stronger! These classes challenge your strength and help you build lean muscle tissue.

Barre Classes

Barre is a low-impact & fun way to create total body tone, flexibility and strength.

H.I.I.T. and Cardio Classes

These classes will improve your cardiovascular system! H.I.I.T. classes combine cardio & strength intervals to burn fat and build muscle.

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