Renew & Recharge Nutrition & Wellness Course



Wellness for Life 

This program is all about sustainability…not restriction. We want you to love how you eat, how you move, how you feel, and how you live.


-Are you ready to create lasting lifestyle protocols that nurture and support your body and mental state?

-Do you want to feel energized, connected, and accomplished after your workouts?

-Do you want answers??? Why are there soooo many confusing and conflicting studies and programs out there???

-Do you want access to an amazing library of Pilates, barre, strength and bootcamp workouts that you can do anywhere?

-Are you looking for new, awesome (and nutritious) meals and snacks???

-Are you craving a community of like-minded health and wellness seekers, who want to ditch diets and truly feel amazing????


  • A beautiful guide book full of recipes and a flexible meal plan (w/ vegan & non-vegan options).
  • 2 weekly lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays answering our most frequently asked questions. Topics include: Stress management, hormones, water, nutrition, fitness and more.
  • Ways to build lasting lifestyle practices that make you feel your BEST.
  • An awesome library of on-demand home workout videos: Pilates, barre, strength & more. Over 21 workouts!!
  • Daily accountability from our online platform: including MONDAY MOTIVATION & WEDNESDAY WISDOM Videos.



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