Meet your trainer, Shaina Falcone

I love being a fitness and pilates trainer!

I want to help you feel healthy from the inside out. Taking care of your body feels good! The human body is capable of amazing feats: most people don’t realize what they can achieve, and it’s my job to help you discover your strengths!

My philosophy

I believe ultimate wellness is about more than just exercise; it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain without specials diets, pills, or weight loss drinks.

It’s not about spot-reducing certain parts of your body, and it’s not about counting calories, or even weighing yourself.

Exercising, eating a healthy diet, decreasing stress, setting attainable goals, getting enough sleep…all these aspects are equally important!

The path to wellness is not always easy, but my goal is to lead you to a healthy, active lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life!

My exercise method
Fusion fitness is my favourite way to train!

While I do create tailor-made workouts for my clients based on their body types, goals, and abilities, I always operate on several main principles.

Pilates is wonderful for creating a strong, toned core, relieving back pain, and increasing flexibility.

Barre strengthens the hips, thigh, calves and all those tiny accessory muscles that are usually very difficult to tone up but are necessary for pain prevention.

High energy (but not always high impact) classes designed to get your heart pumping, increase your metabolism, and improve your cardiovascular system!

Strength Training with weights and bands builds lean muscle tissue, strong muscles and bones, and increases resting metabolism.

I have created FUSION workouts which focus on building core strength, tightening & toning all the muscles of the body, and burning fat efficiently to get results!

My experience

I have been working in the fitness industry since 2002.

At that time, I had been taking fitness classes for years, and had completed two university degrees, an undergrad at McGill and a grad degree at Concordia, in English and Communications, but still had NO CLUE what I wanted to do with my life. I was folding sweaters at the Gap and needed to make some serious life changes. The only things I really felt passionate about were fitness classes (and poetry writing but I knew that wasn’t my ticket to happiness!).  I found a fitness instructor certification course at the downtown Montreal YMCA and it changed my entire life.

I am a:

I'm also the mom of two very busy and energetic boys.

I know how hard it can be to squeeze in time for yourself. I’m guilty of letting my kids watch 40 minutes of TV so I can squeeze in a quick workout, but, boy am I a better mom, with much more energy, after taking those minutes to recharge for myself!

I am here to help you find time where you can de-stress, feel the joy of moving your body, have fun and become a healthier you.