My Exercise Method

Fusion fitness is my favourite way to train!

While I do create tailor-made workouts for my clients based on their goals and abilities,
I always operate on several main principles:


Pilates is wonderful for creating a strong, toned core, mitigating back pain, and increasing mobility.


Barre is a fun, low-impact workout method that strengthens the feet, ankles, hips, thighs and calves. We focus on controlled movements to strengthen and mobilize the joints while toning the entire body!

H.I.I.T. & Cardio

High energy (but not always high impact) classes designed to get your heart pumping, increase your metabolism, and improve your cardiovascular system!

Strength Training

Strength Training with weights and bands builds lean muscle tissue, strong muscles and bones, and increases resting metabolic rate.

My signature FUSION fitness program is designed to create balance for your body and mind. My workouts focus on building   strength, increasing mobility, and challenging the cardiovascular system to help us all feel our absolute best!
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My Experience