Why I love my Booty Kicker Barre + FREE Workout!

Why I love my Booty Kicker Barre + FREE Workout!

Posted on: November 21, 2021

I’ve had some questions about the portable Booty Kicker barre I use in my workout videos, so today I’m sharing why I love my Booty Kicker barre for home workouts. PLUS, I created a free Booty Kicker Total Body Barre workout for you to try.

I’m also sharing my Booty Kicker discount code with you at the bottom of this post in case you want one of your own!

My portable Booty Kicker Barre is my go-to barre now (I use it more often than my wall-mounted barres). So to show you exactly why I love this barre so much, I’ve created a FREE 43 minute Total Body Barre Workout for you to try! You can find the free workout at the bottom of this post.

Why is this barre my favourite?

Reason 1: It’s portable

You can easily move this barre around. This is great for me, because as the instructor I can easily move the barre to demonstrate from different positions. This is helpful both when I’m teaching in-person or online classes.

Reason 2: Easy storage

This barre is great if you live in a smaller space. The booty kicker folds up, so if you don’t want to have it out all the time, you can easily store it out of sight!

Reason 3: Weight Storage 

The booty kicker also doubles as a weight rack! That means weights are handy to grab as you’re working out but it also does the very important job of keeping the barre steady and weighed down while you use it. I don’t want to fall over, and I don’t think you do either, so this feature for me is a game changer.

Reason 4: Pilates Bender ball

Finally, the clincher for me was that the booty kicker comes with my other favourite prop… those who take my classes regularly will know what this is… the small Pilates ball! Barre & ball together = my dream workout.

If you’re interested in trying the booty kicker for yourself, THIS LINK will get you $35 off (that includes the free Pilates ball!).

I hope you enjoy this booty-kicking barre workout!


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