Pilates targets the deep muscles of the abdominals and back, to improve posture and create long, lean, strong and balanced muscles.

Barre Tone

Tighten, strengthen, and lengthen the entire body! Done to fun, upbeat music, Barre classes will challenge balance, build core strength, and improve all-over muscle tone, creating a long, lean physique.


Power Barre

This is a power-packed, metabolism-boosting class that will work EVERY muscle! We’ll sculpt & tone at the barre, & firm up with loop fitness bands, stability balls, hand weights, flex bands, and fitness circles! Cardio intervals away from the barre, including a mix of boxing and plyometrics, keep your heart pumping the entire time. Core toning on the mat finishes this killer workout!


Circuit is a dynamic workout that challenges the entire body while torching calories! We build lean muscle while burning fat by alternating cardio and strength training stations. We do the whole circuit twice: the first time for 2 minutes, and then again for 1 minute. We’ll use weights, bands, gliders, stability balls, the step, and more, to ensure that no muscle is left out!

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